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Warm-up exercises are done at the beginning of each class. It is important that students thoroughly warm-up all areas of the body before training in order to prevent injuries. The following warm-ups were developed by Grand Master Nagamine. Matsunoki Dojo continue to use the same warm-up routine as prescribed by the Grand Master. Each warm-up is executed to a count of ten (ju).


  1. Half (short) squats

  2. Full (deep) squats

  3. Stiff leg lifts, 45 degrees

  4. Stiff leg lifts, forward

  5. Stiff leg lifts, side to side

  6. Neck, left and right

  7. Neck, forward and back

  8. Neck, ear to shoulder

  9. Neck, circle left and right

  10. Side stretch, arm over head

  11. Forward and back stretch, touch floor in the front and bend back

  12. Turn and bend, twist body and touch the opposite foot

  13. Hop in place, scissor feet side to side

  14. Hop in place, scissor feet forward to back

  15. Small jumps

  16. Big jumps

Repetition Exercises

Repetition exercises are techniques that must be practiced thousands of times over the course of years. These techniques are practiced after warm-up exercises and basic movement practice. Although these are the techniques that most of the Federation Sensei focus on, really any technique in any kata can be, and should be, practiced in this manner.

  1. Punches

  2. Double arm chest blocks

  3. Kicks

  4. Naihanchi stomps

  5. Uraken (back knuckle strikes)

  6. Push ups

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